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With 10 years of history in the field of Architectural Design, Our Studio has a vast array of knowledge of the Design Elements and Components that comprise Architectural and Engineering Master Pieces. Our knowledge helps to ensure both accurate representations of built environments as well as provide a creative and visionary touch to any structure or environment thus enabling the message of the project's design to show through.

Our Architectural Design Consultation Service provides a way for our Studio to assist Architects, Designers, and Professionals in the Fields of Social and Behavioral Sciences gain insight into the interdisciplinary research we do, and provide a means for review and implementation of concepts into current working architectural designs.

SOCIAL SCIENCES - Our research intent is to study the social aspects of the interactions that take place currently with our environments and to provide insight to the direction we as a society will move towards in the future of the changing modern era.
BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - Humans have an incredible ability to adapt to environments however for some, the everyday environments we are used to, are challenges faced by others. In our research we explore these areas so that we may understand from a psychological and physiological perspective our interactions with environments to create environments specialized for the physically handicapped, children, elderly, those with mental difficulties, and those who require assistance to live on a daily basis.
NEUROSCIENCE - Studying the impact environments have on the physiological states of humans, we aim to design environments better suited to the way individuals function and operate within their environments. Through neuroscience research, and state of the art brain imaging studies, we've developed a critical understanding behind what triggers various regions of the brain to respond to different mental states, invoked by external stimuli. This information combined with how we understand  the different physiological chemical reactions within the body, we aim to help control physiological and mental reactions for intended uses of a given occupancy, or environment, In a way such that as an example adrenaline is not provoked as a chemical  response in environments  where stress reduction is critical, and euphoric relaxation is not experienced in environments where attention and focus are critical. Our knowledge and integrated research into components of the design process enable us to create comforting, soothing atmospheres that reduce stress in high stress inducing environments such as medical  exam and patient rooms, as well as  invoke  attention and focus in educational facilities that are designed to trigger and stimulate specific regions of students minds thus aiding in the overall learning experience.
Neuroscience Research is integral to the overall development of strategically designed environments. As forerunners in this cutting edge field, we focus on the research, integration in real use applications, and education of this new developing field in both science and design.
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