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We aim to achieve the methodologies to unify research in Neuroscience, Social Science, Behavioral Science, and different fields of Design. Promoting interdisciplinary research that creates a unified goal towards designing environments for our future.
Our mission is for the unification of Sociological, Psychological and Architectural theories, whereby enabling an opportunity to create designs and environments better suited to individuals and society as a whole. The unification of these theoretical issues directed towards discovery of effects brought about and from the individual & society, as well as effects brought upon the individual & society.

Through continued interdisciplinary research we compound the knowledge of Neuroscience, Social Science, Behavioral Science, and different fields of Design to create an in depth knowledge base of research that enables us to design and achieve environments better suited for individuals and society. The implementation of this knowledge can be employed to improve educational systems through designs that increase student receptiveness in classrooms. This knowledge as an example, can also be employed to create comfortable work environments that maintain high productivity rates in an increasingly competitive economical society. The unification of an understanding in  Neuroscience, the Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Design creates the possibilities for achieving these ambitious goals of strategically designed environments.
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