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Our mission is for the unification of Sociological, Psychological and Architectural theories, whereby enabling an opportunity to create designs and environments better suited to individuals and society as a whole. The unification of these theoretical issues directed towards discovery of effects brought about and from the individual & society, as well as effects brought upon the individual & society.

Our Architectural Design Consultation Service provides a way for our Studio to assist Architects, Designers, and Professionals in the Fields of Social and Behavioral Sciences gain insight into the interdisciplinary research we do, and provide a means for review and implementation of concepts into current working architectural designs.

We will meet with your design team and review current working concepts providing insight and critique on layouts and plans. Through review of your designs we will work with your team to implement improvements based on interdisciplinary research in the fields of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Design.

Our focus covers a broad range of Architectural Design fields from residential occupancy to health care facilities large and small. Please contact us for more details on how we can provide consultation services for your project.

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