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Our mission is for the unification of Sociological, Psychological and Architectural theories, whereby enabling an opportunity to create designs and environments better suited to individuals and society as a whole. The unification of these theoretical issues directed towards discovery of effects brought about and from the individual & society, as well as effects brought upon the individual & society.
With 10 years of history in the field of Architectural Design, Our Studio has a vast array of knowledge of the Design Elements and Components that comprise Architectural and Engineering Master Pieces. Our knowledge helps to ensure both accurate representations of built environments as well as provide a creative and visionary touch to any structure or environment thus enabling the message of the project's design to show through.

Our conceptual design focus covers a broad range of Architectural Design fields from residential occupancy to health care facilities large and small. Please contact us for more details on design or renovation services for your project.
With a history in the architectural field our Photography Studio can provide photo documentation for pre-existing and progressive phase completion of engineering and architectural project developments. For ease of reference all photographs are text indexed in electronic AutoCAD construction document files and will abide by each contractors' specific graphic standards. Hard Copy Construction Document indexing is also available. Photo formats include small index page layouts to full scale single view photos. Complete document package includes AutoCAD Construction Document photo reference files, Photo index list, and Site Photos. Hard Copy Construction Document references are included only when necessary to minimize production cost. All documentation is packaged on an easily searchable CD, and each package structure is flexible in order to meet the individual requirements and needs of contractors.
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