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We aim to achieve the methodologies to unify research in Social Science, Behavioral Science, and different fields of Design. Promoting interdisciplinary research that creates a unified goal towards designing environments for our future.

Our mission is for the unification of Sociological, Psychological and Architectural theories, whereby enabling an opportunity to create designs and environments better suited to individuals and society as a whole. The unification of these theoretical issues directed towards discovery of effects brought about and from the individual & society, as well as effects brought upon the individual & society.

Through continued interdisciplinary research we compound the knowledge of Social Science, Behavioral Science, and different fields of Design to create an in depth knowledge base of research that enables us to design and achieve environments better suited for individuals and society. The implementation of this knowledge can be employed to improve educational systems through designs that increase student receptiveness in classrooms. This knowledge as an example, can also be employed to create comfortable work environments that maintain high productivity rates in an increasingly competitive economical society. The unification of an understanding in the Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Design creates the possibilities for achieving these ambitious goals of strategically designed environments.


Social Sciences are concerned with the study of the social life of human groups and individuals. We implement the knowledge of this field to determine how best to design environments that promote positive social interaction, as well as address how we as a society will learn to react with and form an environment increasingly comprised of technological advances in both engineering and electronics.

...And when the time comes, will we feel obligated to thank our virtual assistant as we walk through a retail department store, or will we be similarly acclimated to the cold electronics that currently already speak (TTS) our next appointment from our PDA phones? "Your next appointment is at 2:00pm. Location, Research Office," says the PDA.... How oddly I respond "Thank You, Phone."

Our research intent is to study the social aspects of the interactions that take place currently within our environments and to provide insight to the direction we as a society will move towards in the future of the changing modern era.


"Behavioral Sciences essentially investigates the decision processes and communication strategies within and between organisms in a social system. This involves fields like psychology and social neuroscience, among others.

In contrast, Social Sciences study the structural-level processes of a social system and its impact on social processes and social organization. They typically include fields like sociology, economics, history, public health, anthropology, and political science." (E. D. Klemke, R. Hollinger and A. D. Kline, eds., 1988).

In this respect we investigate the psychological and physiological reasons for how a person chooses to interact with their environment. Are individuals more influenced or motivated by certain colors, phrases, pictures, or floorplan layouts? What are the sensories that play a role in this interaction, and how can our knowledge be implemented to create environments that utilize specialized sensory techniques?
Humans have an incredible ability to adapt to environments however for some, the everyday environments we are used to, are challenges faced by others. In our research we explore these areas so that we may understand from a psychological and physiological perspective our interactions with environments to create environments specialized for the physically handicapped, children, elderly, those with mental difficulties, and those who require assistance to live on a daily basis.

Through these modes of investigation we aim to bridge the paths between Neuroscience, Psychology, and Design, in order to build Environments better suited for Individuals and Society as a whole.

Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information, or to find out ways in which to support our research efforts. Your financial support is always welcome and directly funds our research projects and program. We also welcome Research Volunteers, Collegiate Interns, Industry Networking Opportunities, and Professional Collaboration geared towards achieving our Missions and Goals.

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