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In an attempt to promote Education and the Arts we are now offering specialized Book Packages to Educational and Art Programs.

Education & The Arts Book Packages are aimed at promoting Education & Art Programs through the Publication of Students', Teachers', Professors', and Artists' contributed works. These books become a reflection of achievement for the organization and individual contributor with the publication of every book. Additionally we aim to help you create community awareness through the promotion of your organization’s book. Utilizing optional ISBN-13 coding and title registration, your books may even be purchased through local and regional retail outlets. With the promotion of these books, your organization gains recognition for its efforts in the development and continuation of programs that enrich our communities. For the individual contributor, your publish works become available for display to your community and artistic connoisseurs throughout the world.

Let us help you incorporate a book project into your school’s curriculum objectives. We can assist your school or organization in the strategic planning of lesson goals that both teach students curriculum objectives as well as create work that will represent a valuable achievement of what they have learned. With any book package we have the ability to modify and create any theme that will help represent your curriculum objects. Whether teaching music theory, literature, or the arts, we will provide a book supporting your objects and exhibiting your students' work.

Our books are designed to help promote Education and Art Programs. Utilizing cost saving practices and donating portions of our time to the design and creation of these books, we help in providing a means to publish works and achievements created by education and arts programs and their members. In addition to our efforts to make the books affordable to our contributing artists, we also donate the proceeds of every book sold through our company to the organization whose work contributed to the creation of the book.

Benefits for everyone. Educators have the benefit of promoting and building awareness within the community of their educational or artistic programs. The community obtains an awareness of the educational programs impact and enrichment on students and artists within the community. Students have the benefit of having published work which can help promote and give them an edge on obtaining acceptance to undergraduate or graduate degree programs, or create additional employer impact when searching for post graduation job opportunities. Finally programs receive a donation of the sold books' proceeds from our company to ensure that the continuation of these educational and artistic programs remain available to our youth, and these programs continue to strengthen and grow.

**Qualifying restrictions apply, please contact us for further details.

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