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I know many of you run businesses and/or organizations and have hired a tech guru to manage your website, IT/Network systems, and/or social media applications.. on behalf of those gurus everywhere, I'd like to ask you to: HONOR THEM!


It's really easy, and these simple little tips will be really appreciated by tech gurus everywhere!


1. Information Please!! - In order for any tech guru to effectively function in any successful capacity, they need information FROM YOU. Most Tech gurus won't care how you get that information to them, via txt, email, voice-mail.. etc.. so long as they get that information so they can apply it to whatever medium is required. Website/Network/Social Media channel etc.. Methods that WON'T work are via telepathy. Please remember this! It's important! Despite the long running history of attempts to obtain information from clients via telepathy, it has never successfully worked!


2. It's rare you will ever find a tech guru who can speak plain English. They will either speak "nerd-speak"/"tech-speak"/"geek-speak", "over-simplified-child-speak".. or simple "won't-speak" just nodding their heads as you go on and on and on trying to explain your problem while getting no feedback from them whatsoever. Understand that their minds are simply running in "tech-mode". as you ramble on about a problem, they are rolling through source code in their head developing a game-plan on how to resolve a problem or develop a solution. Their lack of response is not meant to be rude, they just don't often have good communication skills with other humans, as the majority of their work is spent communicating in various coded language formats within the digital realm of existence. 


3. Coffee is a tech junkie's weak spot. If you absolutely NEED an update immediately, or network solution fix promptly, they'll probably be really good at getting to your needs on most occasions - it is after all their job. (But if you want them to do it quickly - ask them to fix your problem while handing them a fresh cup of their favorite coffee!) This isn't so much a bribe, as more a universal tech guru gesture of appreciation. Most tech gurus go on feeling like they are placed in the slum bucket of an organization's existence, because they are only ever remembered when a problem arises. A coffee goes a long way in simply thanking them for what they do. If you want to really send them a gesture of appreciation.. drop by their office with a fresh cup of their favorite coffee.. hand it to them. Tell them thank you for all their work, and then leave. You don't have to chat, ramble on, or stumble to try to make a connection with them.. the gesture simply says it all!! (You will likely become their favorite client/co-worker.)


So these are 3 simple and very important things to keep in mind when working with your website, IT/network and Social Media Manager! Keep them in mind next time you communicate with your Tech Guru.



Heather N Grimmer | HG Design Studios, LLC 
Geek-Speak Translator, Coffee Lover, Tech-Guru
& constantly fantasizing telepathy will one day work.


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