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Neuroscience - Emotion

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1 Attenuated responses to emotional expressions in women with generalized anxiety disorder.
2 Bad mood--bad activation? : The influence of emotions on the BOLD signal during finger tapping.
3 Brain response to a humanoid robot in areas implicated in the perception of human emotional gestures.
4 Habitual emotion regulation strategies and depressive symptoms in healthy subjects predict fMRI brain activation patterns related to major depression.
5 Investigating brain response to music: A comparison of different fMRI acquisition schemes.
6 Multiple mechanisms of consciousness: the neural correlates of emotional awareness.
7 Neurocognitive correlates of emotional stimulus processing in pediatric bipolar disorder: a review.
8 Neuroimaging of Love: fMRI Meta-Analysis Evidence toward New Perspectives in Sexual Medicine.
9 Processing of emotional words measured simultaneously with steady-state visually evoked potentials and near-infrared diffusing-wave spectroscopy.
10 Real-time support vector classification and feedback of multiple emotional brain states.
11 Supramodal representations of perceived emotions in the human brain.
12 Eyes on me: an fMRI study of the effects of social gaze on action control.
13 Regulatory brain development: Balancing emotion and cognition.
14 DRN | Investigating brain response to music:
15 DRN | fMRI study of the effects of social gaze on action control
16 DRN | Neuroimaging and Behavioral Traits
17 DRN | Statistical approaches to functional neuroimaging data